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we are an ARTISINAL, JAMAICAN-AMERICAN brand whose lightly processed, plant-based products focus on the health of the gut microbiome.

Our proprietary, whole-foods only dough centers fiber and resistant starches into the most crunchy, vegan crackers that provide nourishment for both you and your gut microbes.

acne, eczema, psoriasis. Look to your microbiome

According to Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, a noted gastroenterologist who specializes in gut health, "our microbiata (the trillions of microbes in our gut) control the flood gates of our hormones. When they are healthy they allow for the perfect flow which results in stronger bones, lower cholesterol, fertile ovaries, voracious sexual appetite and clear skin."

The fiber and resistant starches in our vegan crackers feed those microbes, and they in turn produce metabolites that among other benefits, give us great skin. This is what makes us different vs. our competition. Download our FREE gut microbiome tips in the pop up.

tired all the time, check out the health of your gut microbiome.

"Metabolism: Different microbiota process food differently than others. Good gut bugs help to break down nutrients in food and deliver them to our body, while bad gut bugs create the toxins that cause inflammation. A healthy gut allows us to absorb only the good energy, keep our blood sugar low ⬇️, and our metabolism high." ~ Dr. Bulsiewicz.

Our blend of resistant starches, fiber, including herbs is what makes our crackers different from the competition.

Download our pop up below for FREE tips to strengthen your gut microbiome.

BALANCE YOUR GUT microbiome and watch the weight fall off

You tried every diet known to man, sometimes exercised frequently to the point of exhaustion, but the weight just won't budge. Look to your gut microbiome instead. Eat more of a diversity of fiber to feed your good gut bugs so that they can produce the postbiotics you need like butyrate to keep you both healthy and satiated Once you've balanced your gut microbiome, watch how easily the weight falls off. Our vegan crackers vs those of our competitors, contain a diversity of plants that's beneficial to a balanced gut microbiome.

Download our FREE tips to balance your gut microbiome by clicking on the pop up..

your immune system shares the same real estate as your gut microbiome.

"Immune System: A full 70% of the immune system lives in the gut, barely separated from our microbiota by a thin wall of cells. They are in constant communication with each other. A healthy gut supports immune cells to identify and fight threats. An unhealthy gut confuses the body on who the enemy is." ~ Dr. Bulsiewicz.

Our flaxseed, almond, green banana, cassava and potato starch crackers promote a healthy gut.

Download our FREE tips pop up on how to improve your gut microbiome.

THE "first" brain upstairs is driving and the "second" one downstairs, the gut microbiome, is riding shotgun.

According to Dr. Bulsiewicz, here's why a healthy gut microbiome is crucial for brain health. "Neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine and their precursors, play a powerful role in our mood, energy levels, motivation and sense of reward. With 30 neurotransmitters being produced in the gut, it’s easy to see why our gut affects our mental health."

Our crackers, unlike the competitions', only focus on ingredients that are beneficial to good gut health.

Download the FREE tips from our pop up on how to support your gut microbiome.





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