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the only low-processed, crackers to keep you full longer, nourish your gut and level up into a nutritious mini meal

Made from 7 different plants, gluten, grain and oil free. Thin, crispy and taste like a refreshing, textured herbed salad.

you no longer need to snack

Crispy, delicious and fiber fueled - to keep you full longer and help with weight loss.

Dehydrated with only whole foods, plant-based, gluten, grain and oil free ingredients - help with increased energy and gut support.

Supported by a leading gastroenterologist - so, you can count on it being clean.

Here's How You Benefit

Almonds - benefit blood pressure levels; lower cholesterol; reduce hunger

Cauliflower - helps in gut support, weight loss and skin heath

Flaxseeds - lower blood pressure; improve cholesterol

Cassava Flour and Inulin - strengthen gut wall and provide immune support.

Celery - banishes bloat; cilantro crushes heavy metals and dill delivers polyphenol antioxidants.

No added sugar, no ingredient you don't know, no fillers, no oil

Non-gmo almonds, organic cauliflower organic flax seeds, organic cassava flour, inulin (derived from chicory root), herbs, seeds and spices are sheeted into a proprietary dough and then dehydrated to help you eat more plant fiber to strengthen and protect your gut wall, a precursor to optimizing your immune system.

THERE's a new kind of cracker in town: nutrient-dense

Protein and magnesium in almonds - support muscles and provide energy.

Fiber and vitamin C in cauliflower - digestive, gut and skin support.

Omega 3 fatty acids in flax seeds - brain and heart healthy.

Inulin and cassava flour strengthen gut wall, a precursor to fortifying the immune system.

Clean, Lightly processed and Multi-purpose

1. Top with avocado, cream cheese, favorite dip or protein of choice.

2. Create a more nutrient dense alternative to bread for your avocado toasts.

3. Grind into a meal to add to plant-based flours for flavored galettes and crusts, for example.

4. Grind into a meal to create more nutrient dense and flavored "bread crumbs"

5. Add to chickpea flour to make a delicious and eggless frittata.

6. A gluten-free quiche made with oat flour and a little of our cracker meal never tasted so good.

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