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About Us

Slim and Trim Foods is a Jamaican-American brand creating lightly processed, plant based foods that support the gut microbiome. Our proprietary plant-based dough centers fiber, including prebiotics and resistant starches into the most crunchy vegan crackers - a nourishing base - for those who are interested in creating a balanced gut microbiome to support their health and wellness.

Our Mission

To promote greater awareness of the importance of a balanced gut microbiome and good health through creatively combining and lightly processing plants

Our Story

I'm Jennifer, and over a decade ago, I was contemplating leaving my thirty-plus-year career on Wall Street, but never imagined that my second act would be in the health and wellness space, But when my family received the wake-up call of my mother's stage 4 T-cell lymphoma - a form of blood cancer where the immune cells no longer work - fear and dread took a back seat to my desire to understand why people get afflicted with this deadly disease, and how it and others could possibly be kept at bay.

My mother's passing crystalized for me the importance of the maxim "food is medicine." Through copious research, hundreds of hours spent listening to traditional and functional medicine doctors and reading everything I could get my hands on speaking to the beneficial relationships among plants, a balanced gut microbiome and good health, I knew I had to share it some way, somehow.

When our diets consist of mostly fiber, including prebiotics, resistant starches and fermented foods, a greater colony of good microbes than bad populate our gut microbiome, carrying out their jobs of aiding digestion and absorption, cognition, gene expression, hormone balance, immunity and metabolism to keeping us healthy.

On the other hand, when the diet is made up of highly processed foods, sugars and is heavy on meat- as was my mother's case - a microbe imbalance called dysbiosis develops. Bad microbes outnumber good ones - a perfect environment from which diseases percolate.

My husband, Patrick, and I get the importance of nourishing our bodies with a variety of plants and fermented foods. We get what can happen when you don't. And that's why we've used our knowledge and advocacy to lightly process whole foods, ensuring that the ingredients used are as close to the earth as possible, and the final product, though tasty is also nutritious. Our vegan crackers exemplify this approach to food in alignment with the gut microbiome.

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