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About Us

Slim and Trim Foods is minority-owned, MWBE certified and run by the husband and wife team of Patrick and Jennifer. Its operations are based in Glen Cove, New York.

Our Mission

To promote the improved health and wellness outcomes of eating plants through the foods we create.

Our Story

We are the husband and wife team, Jennifer and Patrick, who co-founded Slim and Trim Snacks. I came up through the ranks on Wall Street working in both equity and fixed income markets and he was an electrical engineer, automating plants within the food industry to help them create greater operational efficiencies.

In 2009, during the Great Recession, I had by then, grown disillusioned with the fast-paced, risk-intolerant lifestyle of Wall Street after having begun my career twenty-two years previously with that period’s other memorable crash in 1987. My ability to thrive during a high-stress environment was tested quite early. No wonder, I later found myself wanting to lead a more purposeful life - one that focused more on personal health and wellness rather than financial. Since I’d seen the benefits up close of a vegan lifestyle which I had maintained successfully for many years previously, along with the enormous energy and vitality I enjoyed from it, I thought there had to be an entrepreneurial way in which I could share this lifestyle with others.

However, it wasn't until my husband was hospitalized with life-threatening hypertension three years ago, and later recovered from incorporating a plant-based diet into  his wellness regimen that we soon both decided to combine our various strengths - me the recipe developer and he the plant engineer.  And thus Slim and Trim Snacks' new gut-focused clean, plant-based products began to evolve.

In 2012, Slim and Trim Snacks launched its first product line -dehydrated kale chips which later retailed in select stores in Whole Foods Market’s North East region stores. But while the kale chips were gaining traction we soon realized that having our product in a big box retailer was quite crushing for a start-up. The costly grind of traditional marketing became exhausting, and we decided that when we created our second line we would market it directly to the consumer both to have more autonomy over our brand as well as the ability to pass on savings directly to them.

And so, our second product line - two flavors of dehydrated cauliflower crackers - created to  provide increased satiety, help with weight loss, increase energy levels, boost immunity and offer strong macro and micro nutrient support are being launched as a first of its kind.

We hope that through our mission to make health and wellness more broadly accessible that our customers can exercise greater agency in creating the healthiest lifestyle they were meant to have.

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