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About Us

Slim and Trim Foods is a Jamaican-American brand that creates lightly processed foods that don't raise blood glucose levels and support the gut microbiome because we only use ingredients that are good for you.

Our Mission

To promote the improved health and wellness outcomes of eating plants through creating foods with only ingredients that benefit the customer.

Our Story

I'm Jennifer, and over a decade ago, when I was contemplating leaving my thirty- plus year career on Wall Street, I never imagined that my second act, so to speak, would be in the health and wellness space. Mind you, it was a terrain that I navigated well as a long-standing vegan, but to make a living from it, was unimaginable.

However, it was during that period when my mother developed T-cell lymphoma, a form of blood cancer that ravaged her once vital body into a living skeleton that it crystallized for me the co-relation between lifestyle choices and wellness. To eat a diversity of plants is to feed your good gut microbes and they in turn gift you with good health, simply put.

So, if people weren't going to eat at least 30 different plants per week on their own, according to the American Gut Project's recommendation, I was going to find a creative way to make it easier for them to do so. My husband, Patrick's expertise in optimizing green manufacturing processes, combined our respective strengths to launch the brand, Slim and Trim Foods, dedicated to creating lightly processed foods that do not raise blood glucose levels, and benefit the gut microbiome.

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