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Why can’t the minimum order be 1 box instead of 1 case?

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These cauliflower crackers are an integral part of a wellness lifestyle and not merely a snack, and one case provides the opportunity to incorporate them at breakfast, lunch or dinner with consistency to achieve desired results.


Do I pay shipping?

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No, you do not pay shipping charges for subscription and case orders. However, you pay a small fee on single box orders.

When will my order ship?

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Your order ships the next business day after you place it, via USPS priority mail.  Please note that if your order is received on a Friday, it will be processed the following Monday.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

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We currently ship within the U.S. only.


How are the crackers prepared?

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All the plant-based ingredients are made into a nut and seed dough where we shape it into crackers and dehydrate them at a low temperature for 18 hours.

Is there any refined flour, oil, preservatives, or sugar in these crackers?

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No.  Our crackers are made with only clean ingredients: gluten-free, grain free and non-gmo nuts, seeds, herbs and spices and the prebiotic fiber called inulin.  Nothing else!

Are the almonds from the almond meal you use gmo?

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No, we source our almond meal from purveyors of organic, gluten-free and non-gmo almonds.

Since they are dehydrated can they lose their crispness if they are exposed to air?

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If they are exposed to air for an unduly long period of time, they will lose some crispness as they are not baked, but rather dehydrated to preserve their heat-sensitive food enzymes whose benefit redounds to you.  As a result, we pack them in a moisture-proof bag inside the box and include a small desiccant to maintain the freshness during their four-month shelf life. 

Are they good for those with Type 2 diabetes?

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Yes, they are.  Since there are no refined carbohydrates in the ingredients to raise the blood sugar levels of those who suffer from the condition these snacks are perfect for that community.

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